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  • Detailed requirements analysis and creation of a specification sheet
  • We are at your side from the production of single pieces up to series production
  • Development and production of all types of inductors
  • Preparation of acceptance samples
  • Participation in the development phase in order to minimize later production costs
  • Creation of dimension and data sheets in AutoCad
  • Production as "extended workbench"
  • Contract manufacturing of your products
  • Casting / Pouring and laquerwork

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UL term definition

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®) is one of the world's leading organizations for testing and certification in the field of product safety. The independent and non-profit U.S. organization was founded in 1894 at the instigation of American fire insurers to investigate the fire hazards of electrically operated equipment. Today, UL tests and certifies a wide variety of materials, components and end products for their operational safety, particularly with regard to possible personal injury and the development of fires.
There are branches in numerous European countries. Detailed information on the US organization as well as contact details for the numerous European subsidiaries can also be found on the Internet at www.ul.com.

UL and IEC are fundamentally different. The IEC standards for the IEC market only define the minimum safety requirements of a device or system. Technical details of the constructive implementation and the observance of the safety requirements are left to the manufacturer. In contrast, the guidelines for the American market are much more detailed. Depending on the standard, the required process may be monitored from product design and manufacture, through application and assembly, to operation.

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UL type approval

As a supplement to the insulation systems E193383 "F1 + F2", we have carried out design approval in accordance with UL standard 506 at Underwriters Laboratories for selected single-phase transformers. Under file no. E306982 you will find the corresponding transformer types.

For design approval, the UL carries out extensive tests to check and document the basic structure and technical design.

Transformers with this UL approval reduce the testing effort for you as a customer in the case of equipment approval, as testing of the transformer is no longer necessary.

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UL Insulation System

The use of one of our UL insulation systems is of interest to you as a customer if you supply to customers or to countries that require UL approval of your equipment. The basic idea of a UL insulation system is to use only materials that have been subjected to a "Sealed Tube Test" at UL. This creates a pool of materials that can be used for the production of our transformers. This ensures that the materials are compatible with each other. The material pool consists of all insulating materials, such as coil formers, insulating material, impregnation and casting compound, insulation of the stranded wire, tubes etc. Temperature class "B" has now been established as the standard. However, this temperature class is only recognized by UL if the transformer was manufactured according to an insulation system approved by UL. If the UL insulation system is not used, the transformer will be downgraded to temperature class "A", i.e. the output will be reduced. To be prepared for the future, we have decided to use two insulation systems of temperature class F.

Advantages for you as a customer:

  • By using our insulation system, you have considerable savings potential in the system approval of your equipment, as the elimination of lengthy individual tests makes UL approval testing much easier. You therefore save valuable time and costs.
  • Full utilization of the transformers up to temperature class "F" without power reduction
  • no difference between UL and IEC/EN/VDE in terms of performance

Our "Yellow-Cards" of insulation systems are listed in the UL-Database:

We have UL approval for the following insulation systems:

Isolation system F1

Isolation system F2

Category: OBJY2 Category: OBJY2
File-Nr.: E193383 File-Nr.: E193383
System name: F1 System name: F2
max. operating voltage: 600 V max. operating voltage: 600 V
Insulation material class: F / class 155 Insulation material class: F / class 155
Fire protection class: UL 94 ff. Fire protection class: UL 94 ff.
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General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions (PDF) German version

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