Perfect craftmanship

All our products are manufactured an tested with supreme care.

We are specialized in the production of transformers. It is our goal to create customized transformers which fulfill our clients specifications. Which is precisely why we chose our motto: "LET´S TALK ABOUT TRANSFORMERS". Regardless of the type of transformer you require, custom made, or off-the-shelf: we have our own team of construction engineers and technicians working in close collaboration with our production team, who together are able to fulfill every requirement, however unusual it might be.

Our products encompass power transformers, control transformers, isolating transformers, autotransformers, ferrite transformers and a large number of specialized transformers.

Challenge us, we are wired to fulfill your wishes.

Analysis of needs and requirement

We always follow the same procedure to establish the needs and specifications for your products.


Product type

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Quality control


Quality warranty

We warrant quality

We offer you a five year warranty.

We wish to ensure that our products are the safest component in your production line. To achieve this, we make certain that the materials we use and our manufacturing process are of the highest standard. Due to our use of premium class insulation materials and our design for longevity we are able to offer you a five-year warranty.

All transformers are manufactured in accordance with the latest VDE-Regulations (VDE 0570/EN 61558 or VDE 0532 / EN 60076)

It must be pointed out that the transformers are insulated in layers. This ensures a dielectric strength of the windings between the layers ensuring longevity. Transformers are stacked alternately. Unlike welded laminated sheet packages, there is less reactive current share as well as reducing the amount of idle loss.

Regarding certification:

Instead of using expensive consultants we have chosen to organise and implement our own manufacturing management and quality control. We prefer our clients to benefit from these cost saving measures.

Our product portfolio

Unsere Produktpalette

Fordern Sie uns, wir sind in jeglicher Hinsicht gespannt...


We offer a wide range of transformers, among which you will find the following products:

  • one and threephase transformers with a performance of up to 800kVA
  • low energy transformers / autotransformers
  • transformers optimized for primary use of thyristor controllers
  • line chokes, filter chokes and motor chokes
  • solenoid/magnetic coils with or without water cooling
  • toroidal core transformers
  • ferrit transformers
  • special models of all types, based on clients specifications "custom made"
  • many of our products can be certified in accordance with UL/CSA

And that is still not all... we take orders starting from 1 unit!

Hogenkamp Transformatorenbau in numbers

  • 35


  • 999999

    Variant diversity

  • 1970

    Founding Year

  • 285000

    Transformators built per year

  • 50000

    Kilograms of copper processed annualy

Catalogue and Orders

Our catalogue gives you a rough concept of our diverse manufacturing and production range. It is designed as a loose leaf collection, which therefore allows us to update it continually, always containing our newest developements. Our clients automatically receive our newletter, immediately after their first order and therefore enjoy the benefit of always having the latest technological information at hand.

We have developed a number of questionaires for your convenience. In these you can specify your requirements, allowing us to make you an offer for a trnasformer based on your specifications. You will find the forms following this link.